Reflecting in Peace. Azi Boloorchi, 2012. Morocco.

I read. A lot… Not as many books as I would like (or have bought, see tsundoku), but a variety of journal articles, opinion columns, blogs, tweets, infographics and pretty well any other content that is available on the world wide web. I go to meetings with experts and innovators, attend conferences, watch documentaries, and listen to intelligent, trailblazing leaders share their knowledge and wisdom on the radio, TEDTalks, Podcasts, you name it.

What happens you ask? With this tsunami of inspiring information taking over my brain, firing action potentials, and releasing little neurotransmitters into synapses all over my brain?

My first reaction is awe, usually combined with a smile on my face, a rush in my head, and that warm cozy feeling.

This feeling is usually followed by a strong, albeit temporary feeling of determination: “I am going to combine this idea with that other one and apply it to X and make it awesome… I am a dreamer; there, I said it… and I cannot help but to dream.

But then, another reaction takes over; not sure if it is fear or realism, or maybe just utter laziness or incompetence (ouch!), and I feel overwhelmed, confused, paralyzed; “What am I going to do? Where do I start? Will it work?  Am I thinking big enough? Am I thinking too big?”, I ask myself.

That’s where this blog comes in. I hope that at minimum, by writing out my thoughts, I can organize them in my brain, and think more clearly. If I’m lucky, I might be able to ignite some discussions, be challenged by your views and virtually brainstorm with you. Maybe you will think my idea is cool and apply it into what you do (I am an open source advocate) . Maybe you share my vision and want to help me out. And maybe, just maybe, this will be the start of my journey to realize my dreams. Because let’s face it “Dreams don’t work, unless you do” – John C Maxwell.

Disclaimer 1: Unless otherwise stated, all views and opinions expressed are mine only. #obvi 

Disclaimer 2: I am just an ordinary person yearning to do something extraordinary. I am not an expert in anything and therefore completely open to your thoughts. 

Disclaimer 3: This blog is a work in progress, both from a content and design perspective. However, given perfection is the enemy of the good, I’m launching it. Stay tuned for improvements and please do not hesitate to give me some suggestions. 

Disclaimer 4: Or should I call this one a confession? My worst fear about launching a blog?  Not sticking to my promise to actually write frequently and regularly. Wish me luck!