Two Shots of Happy, Two Shots of Sad and a Sweet Aftertaste: My 2014

My New Year’s Resolution last year, “Imma Do Me” (, may have sounded goofy or dismissive of resolutions, but it was the principle that guided me through all that I did in 2014.

My resolve was to accelerate my drive toward gathering the building blocks of a happy and impactful life, to take a huge step toward my definition of living the dream, to come from a place of yes and experience it all, to live with no regrets, to make choices that reflect my hopes not my fears, to do it my way, to make myself vulnerable and to be unapologetic for being me. Simply put, to just go for it.

And go for it, I did. It turned out, 2014 was the year with the highest highs, the lowest lows, and everything in between:

Wrote my very first letter of resignation

Thought it was the end of an era

Realized how much my colleagues meant to me, how much I loved them

Got teary-eyed…


Got the offer for a cool new gig

Felt proud

Felt energized

Danced, drank Champaign, and walked the streets of New York with a bounce in my step…


Travelled alone through the romantic cities of Europe

Discovered the meaning of happiness

Laughed, drank wine, ate cheese, met people, barely slept, drank coffee, drank more wine

Had the best trip of my life…


Started to work at a major cancer centre, saw a lot of very sick people every day 

Held the door for them, smiled at them, cried with them

Felt helpless, wondered if my work made any real impact

Realized it did, felt meaning in the work I do…


Fell in love with an old friend, thought my heart had finally found its home

Found out it was never meant to be, he had never felt the way I did

Felt like a fool, got angry, hated myself 

Gave up on him, but not on my quest for a magical eternal love…


Lost my Baba, my beloved grandpa whom I adored 

Realized how loved he was, how much his passing saddened everyone

Dreamt he was alive, realized he wasn’t, cried, missed him

Found solace in knowing he knew just how much I loved him…


Started Crossfit, felt the pain, felt the high

Competed…didn’t come last! 

Started running

Found out to my surprise, I actually like it…


Started painting

Sucked at it

Felt comfort in it so kept doing it

Didn’t get any better at it…


Met people who inspired me

They were honest, emphatic, altruistic, optimistic, fun and passionate about life

Met a few bad apples, they were ugly, selfish, rotten

Met still others who were just…meh…


Got rid of things, material possessions

Decided to exchange things for experiences

Felt lighter

Felt free…


Finally started to work on my dream project

Met fellow dreamers, the dream got bigger

Met fellow get-it-done-ers 

The dream started to look possible


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